Remember Your Innocence
The Morning Kick Start

Your 90 Day Chief Aim

Today's Quote

"How you begin your journey determines the direction you will take. Remember, you get to choose where you want to go. Make sure you enjoy the treasures of your brilliance along the way."

Today's Affirmation

I AM in the flow of LIFE today I AM free to choose my way today My heart IS open to the wisdom of the day I free my imagination to create and play I AM In a Mindset of Possibility today

Today's Meditative Thought

Create the momentum to drive your desires

Today's Intention

I will connect to the infinite spirit of adventure in my soul.


In-Vision Daily Video

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Future Forward Visualization

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Your Daily Morning Journal Entries

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Midday Re-Connection

Daily SMS Text Accountability Reminder

Midday Refresher Meditation

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Nighttime Review and Renew and Dream State Inquiry Question

Nighttime Review And Renew Process

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The Nighttime Review And Renew and Dream State Inquiry Journaling Process

Write down your highlights and insights so you have a focused and clear understanding of your days accomplishments as well as what you need to improve on. A highlight is something you have done well and will do more of tomorrow. An insight is something you simply need to improve on. When you recognize your successes and the things you need to improve on so you will make tomorrow a great day!

Knowing what you have accomplished today, what is a new thought that will help you anchor a new and positive success behavior?

Each night you will ask the universe the one question you want answered by your non-conscious mind as you go to sleep. Be very intentional about this.

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