How To Use The DaySculpting Program

With DaySculpting, you as the Sculpter of your life get to experience what it’s like to create a daily Success Ritual that results in Lifelong Success Habits so you are always creating whatever Chief Aim you are working on from a Mindset Of Success.™

The program is comprehensive, inspiring and empowering. Each day you get to create a daily Map of Productivity™ which becomes your success plan for the day. When you have the proper Success Mindset you are then in an energy of what we call Momentum Mindsets. Life begins to have a whole new flow to it and you are less likely to be consumed by stress, overwhelm and frustration.

We’ve created a step-by-step program guide for you here. This will help you get the most benefit out of the DaySculpting program. Included here are tools that will help you focus on your Chief Aims for the next 90 days one day at a time.

The tools will help you create your daily and weekly plan, increase your productivity, measure and chart your progress, create win/win relationships, become more aware of non-supportive behaviors and effectively keep you focused and on track.

Take some time to look over the individual elements of DaySculpting and get ready to create the Life YOU Dream About.

Thanks for joining us…

LIFE Is What YOU Make It!

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Step #1 Begin Your Day


Each morning as part of the Morning Kickstart you will receive your Morning Awakening Text and your Good Morning Great Day Email. The text and the email will inspire you to begin your day with a fresh awareness and commitment and get you into the flow of your day. The text will signal you to begin the process and the email, which has a specific topic, an inspiring message, meditative thought, affirmation and intention will set the tone for the day.

Step #2 Accessing Your Daily Process


After you have read the Good Morning Great Day morning email you will then click on the embedded link in the email and be taken to your personal DaySculpting page. Remember, this is password protected so have your login information ready. This is where all the elements of the program reside. You will notice on the right side of the page is your 90-day calendar, broken down into Month 1, 2 and 3.

The day of the program you are on will be highlighted in red. If you are reviewing a page from one of the earlier days it will be highlighted in blue (as shown above).

Each day a new lesson will be unlocked for you! You will always have access to past material and your saved work so you can review. Keep in mind that you are not able to go forward. We want you to concentrate on the present day and the past days so you can review your work, chart your progress and stay focused on your success.

Step #3 Creating Your Great Day

This is where you will practice the 3 easy steps of DaySculpting:

The Morning Kick Start Process

The Midday Re-Connection Process

The Nighttime Review And Renew And The Dream Question Process

These are the 3 daily elements and stages you will do at the beginning, middle and end of your DaySculpting day. The Morning Kickstart is your PLANNING STAGE. The Midday Re-Connection is your ACCOUNTABILITY AND REFOCUSING STAGE. The Nighttime Review & Renew and The Dream Question Inquiry are your CHECK IN TO WHAT WORKED WELL (highlights), WHAT YOU NEED TO IMPROVE (insights) AND WHAT QUESTION YOU WANT ANSWERED IN YOUR DREAM STATE (dream state inquiry)

Step #4 Documenting Your Daily Success Steps And Your Daily Progress In Your On-line Journals


Your Daily Success Step Journal… (Beginning Of Your Day)

Declare your 3 Intentional Success Steps For Today. These steps are the daily actions you will take to help you accomplish your Chief Aim. We also encourage you to create a personal word for the day…use it as your Success Mantra.

End Of The Day Journal… (End Of Your Day)

What were the highlights and insights of your day?

What was a new behavior that helped you anchor your success?

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Your Dream Inquiry Question… (Before You Go To Sleep)

What is the one question you want answered by your non-conscious mind while you sleep?

Use these online journals to keep a record of all your Success Steps, Personal Discoveries, Progress, Questions and your Daily Successes. All your entries will be saved and can be accessed at any time. No worries, your journal entries are private to you.

Step #5 The DaySculpting Ask A Question Forum


Have a question about the program the daily lessons or you simply want to share something here’s how you do that. Submit your question or comment by posting to The DaySculpting Ask A Question Forum so they can be answered. We encourage you to ask questions and make comments. You can then receive support, engage in the community, as well as offer suggestions. This is a great way to communicate and connect with your fellow Day Sculptors and share your success.

Step #6 The Coaching Support Calls


Every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time and every Sunday at 6pm Pacific Time you are invited to attend the weekly Support Coaching Calls. On Wednesday we share a success concept and answer questions that you’ve submitted as well as open the call up t live feedback On Sunday this short 10 minute call is designed to get you focused on the energy necessary to create a great start to your next great week.

To access both calls just click on “Access the Latest Session” under the Coaching Support Calls tab for each respective day. On the live page, the countdown timer will help you track when to access the live page for these calls. Again these calls are every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time and every Sunday night at 6pm Pacific Time. You will be sent the call in number with a link to the information page via email so please watch for it. Click here for time zone information.

Step #7 Course Support Materials

Before you start the DaySculpting program you will be guided through a process called “Establishing Your Chief Aim.” This process is designed to help you in deciding exactly what it is you want to accomplish over the next 90 days. You are able to declare up to 3 chief aims. You will be able to access this document under the “Course Materials” tab. Again, before you start the program you must take this step, it will give you greater clarity and focus on what you want to create in DaySculpting.

We know how hard it is to stay on track and to continue to create new supportive behaviors. After all, most of us have been operating from habits for years. We feel that in order for you to have the breakthroughs necessary to accomplish the successes you truly want you must have ongoing support to help you.

Successful people have daily rituals and daily and weekly reminders that help them stay on track. This is why we have designed the following course PDF support documents. (They will help you prepare, plane, review, and chart and measure your productivity and progress:

The Time Blocking Process

The Relationship Building Process

The Great Week Preparation Guide

The Week-in-Review.

There is also as mentioned The Chief Aim Process and The DaySculpting Tutorial Guide

To access your course materials, click on the “Access Materials Now” button in the right sidebar.

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